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TOEFL ITP, which is a standardized English test, was created by Education Testing Service (ETS). ETS has taken TOEFL PBT, which is the first version of TOEFL test, to be complied, revised and renamed to TOEFL ITP. Currently, more than 48 countries use and accept the official TOEFL ITP results.

TOEFL ITP Test is used for measuring the level of Academic English ability from the middle to high level and is ideally for individuals who want to measure their English proficiency for use in higher education or organizations.

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TOEFL ITP Test Structure
The test is a paper based multiple choice. It takes
approximately 2 hours and is divided into
3parts which are;

(Score scale 310-677)
1. Listening

50 questions
(35 minutes)
Score scale: 31-68
2. Structure& Written

40 questions
(25 minutes)
Score scale: 31-68
3. Reading

50 questions
(55 minutes)
Score scale: 31-67

Our TOEFL ITP test center opens
everyday (including Sundays and holidays).
Registering for the TOEFL ITP test

ALIST PRO is open daily for the test. The test takers must be at least 16 years old or the completion15 years of age. You can apply by completing an online application form or you can come in to register.

For the test takers under 15 years old, please contact us before registering TOEFL ITP.

Our Test Center Location

Alist Pro Test Center offers TOEFL ITP test service in Bangkok and Korat for your convenience. You may choose your preferable location.

Registration: Test taker has to choose only one location either Bangkok or Korat for your TOEFL ITP registration. Once your registration is complete, you cannot change the test center location.



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