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Good news for test takers under 15 years old! Now, the test takers can take PRE-TOEFL ITP test. The score report is officially printed by ETS. PRE-TOEFL ITP is the great test to measure your ability to use and understand English before taking the English exam at your targeting international schools. For other people (age over 15 years old), you can register for PRE-TOEFL ITP to evaluate your English-language proficiency as well.

Test structure

The test is a paper based multiple choice.
It takes approximately 1.5 hours and is
divided into 3 parts which are;

Score scale: 200 – 500 คะแนน

1. Listening Comprehension
2. Structure & Written Expression 3. Reading & Vocabulary
30 questions
(22 minutes)
Score scale: 21-50

25 questions
(17 minutes)
Score scale: 21-50

40 questions
(31 minutes)
Score scale: 21-50


ALISTTEST test center opens for PRE-TOEFL
2 rounds on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our Test Center Location

Alisttest Test Center offers PRE-TOEFL ITP test service in Bangkok and Korat for your convenience. You may choose your preferable location.

Registration: Test taker has to choose only one location either Bangkok or Korat for your TOEFL ITP registration. Once your registration is complete, you cannot change the test center location.

Additional Info (PDF)

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